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Upcoming General Meeting 10/18: Feeding Local Heroes

Come join us on Zoom! Two fabulous speakers will be sharing more about the organization, Feeding Local Heroes. You will also have the opportunity to hear more from our Executive Board Members as they share all the recent SLOBs updates! Look forward to seeing you on Sunday from 4-5 pm. Can't find the zoom link? All the sign-in information is listed in the most recent SLOBs email! See you all soon! Bruce Pettibone Entered the Computer Aided Design field 40 years ago as a programmer. He migrated to doing 3D CAD modeling and has worked for Titleist Golf, Firewire Custom Surfboards, SpaceX and Hyperloop One. He is currently doing 3D CAD modeling for a startup heart valve company. Dave Friedman Sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in the contract furniture/technology industry, selling mostly to government, education and healthcare entities. Dave was also a successful child actor until he was 12 years old.  Friends and colleagues, Bruce and Dave were inspired by a neighbor with a struggling pizza restaurant, and decided to give back to the community by creating a web-based path to help donors to contribute money to local restaurants to feed our local frontline heroes during this pandemic

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