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Neighbors helping Neighbors

SLOBs is finally returning to normal with our second in-person General Meeting of the year taking place this past Sunday. We listened to Robert Skelton, the Corporate and Community Relations Manager from Rebuilding Together Peninsula, discuss the inspiring work that RTP is doing in our local communities. Their philosophy of “neighbors helping neighbors” has motivated their work, often assisting vulnerable neighbors in need of critical repairs to their homes.

Often performed on National Rebuilding Day on the last Saturday of April, they work on an array of projects, ranging from installing a grab bar or wheel chair ramp to electrical and plumbing issues. With over 1,800 volunteers and nearly 50 local sponsors, RTP performs incredible work in helping low-income individuals with issues in or outside their house.

Individuals and families which RTP assists must be located within San Mateo County or specific nearby cities, and must own their property. They receive many applications, with dedicated individuals reading each one, and each application is closely evaluated to determine if projects are feasible with an emphasis on veteran needs as well. RTP also has an important focus on veterans within the community, a group that is harshly affected by poverty.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula’s incredible work has lent itself to various heartfelt stories, including one that Skelton shared with the boys. Mary, a family trauma therapist, helped families and individuals dealing with stressful or difficult situations; yet within her home, she struggled with a hoarding problem, an issue which had piled up over multiple years. With RTP’s help, her house was repaired. The story served as both a reminder that we don’t always know what is happening behind someone’s doors, as well as a highlight of the wonderful work and impact that RTP can have.

This year, we will be partnering with the Kiwanis Club and NCL to paint fences for Hope Horizon on 4/30, so please signup when available in the next SLOBOpp, and a big thank you to Robert for joining us in spreading the wonderful goals and impact of Rebuilding Together Peninsula.

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