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Our Mission

MVLA Service League of Boys (SLOBs) is a philanthropic club for parents and sons to initiate and promote educational and charitable endeavors that foster community responsibility as well as strengthen their parent-son relationship.


SLOBs was originally founded in 2004 in New Canaan, CT.  After having been involved for a number of years in National Charity League (a mother-daughter organization devoted to both education and charitable works in the community), several moms thought there should be a similar organization for their sons.

In 2012, Maureen Adams, Cindy Fitz, and Elizabeth McDermott of Los Altos, CA felt the same need to provide philanthropic opportunities for 7th-12th grade boys in the Mountain View/Los Altos community.  Having learned about SLOBs in New Canaan, CT they adapted that program to form the Mountain View/Los Altos Service League of Boys.

The organization began in 2013 with 35 boy members its first year and has now grown to over 190 boy members, supported by a parent/guardian spanning 20 different middle and high schools.  Members currently serve over 50 philanthropic organizations.

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