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MVLA SLOBs Philanthropy Project for Grassroots Ecology

Grassroots Ecology thanked SLOBS members for making the painted planting stakes in December 2020. SLOBS boys painted about 1500 red bamboo stakes.

Here’s what Grassroots Ecology shared about this project:

Even with our public workdays on hold throughout most of last year, the impact of volunteers can still be seen at our habitat restoration sites. Working independently and remotely, over 100 middle and high school age volunteers pitched in to create 4,000 bamboo stakes for us to mark our new plant installations. These bright red, biodegradable stakes have been a huge help to our staff this planting season, allowing us to mark new plants we are putting into the ground—many of which are small, dormant, or otherwise hard to see—so that we can continue to care for and monitor them until they become established. These stakes serve as an alternative to the more common metal and plastic marker flags that can be blown away and pollute the landscape.

A big thanks to all who donated their time and funds to make it happen:

• McClellan Ranch Preserve's Fall Youth Stewards Cohort

• National Charities League (NCL) Stanford Hills

• Service League of Boys Mountain View-Los Altos

• Sam Thanassi, Boy Scout

• Youth Community Service (YCS) East Palo Alto

• Youth Community Service (YCS) Palo Alto

Thank you all for your commitment to helping habitat in whatever way you can. Each stake makes a difference!

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