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Volunteer Instructions

SLOBs uses an online app called Track-It-Forward (TIF) for volunteers to recognize their volunteer hours by easily tracking hours and meeting attendance.

Track-It-Forward Accounts:

For new members, after completing the Membership Enrollment Form and paying the annual dues. You will receive a separate email with information on how to set up your Track-It-Forward account. For returning members, your hours will be updated for the new year on your existing account.

Three ways to log into the TIF Account:

1. Go directly to TIF Account by clicking on the Track-It-Forward link below.

2. Go directly to and at the top you will see "sign-in" prompt.  Click the tab and enter your email and password.

3. A TIF app can be downloaded from Apple Store directly onto your computer or mobile phone.  Click on the app and it will prompt you for email and password on home page.

Signing up for Volunteer Opportunities:

Our volunteer opportunities are listed in our SLOBOpps, which is our bi-monthly email sent on the 1st and the 15th of every month.  


Log hours and meeting attendance here.

Questions about hours or TIF?  Click Here.
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