4/25/2020 SLOB Opps - Shelter in Places Challenges Week 2

Hello SLOBs Members and Parents,

We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and safe - and cherishing the extra time that you have to spend together!

Thank you so much to the twenty-four SLOBs members who participated in our first Shelter-In-Place Service Challenge!  By teaming together, SLOBs will be delivering 200 hygiene kits to LifeMoves, making a real impact in the lives of 200 of our most vulnerable neighbors.

We challenge every SLOBs family to participate in at least one Shelter-In-Place Service Challenge project and hope that you will send a hands-on photo that we can post on our Instagram feed, so we see the collective impact of our SLOBs SIP Service Challenges in action! 

Eager to help with our next challenge? Next up, we will be supporting Loaves & Fishes and the Community Services Agency (CSA), please read on for more details!  Also, consider helping a child or teenager through Help One Child request, and look at the other opportunities at Live Moves!

If you have any additional suggestions for future Shelter-In-Place Service Challenges, please email us!

Stay healthy and see the CDC website for information to protect yourself:



Thank you!  

Your Philanthropy Team
Tripp, Neil, Tyler, Jack, Megan, Shilpa, Grace, and Ingrid


Loaves & Fishes
GOAL = 200 Lunches

Loaves & Fishes (L&F) serves hungry and homeless families, children, veterans, seniors and the disabled throughout our community.  Assembling “brown bag” lunches makes a world of difference.  These lunches are now more essential than ever and are distributed Monday - Friday from 3:30 - 4:30 PM.  

Choose your preferred option  to help provide L&F with “brown bag” lunches.  
Option 1:  Do Your Own Assembly and Delivery  - You and your family assemble and deliver completed lunch bags directly to L&F.  We recommend making at least 20 bagged lunches (20 sandwiches can be made from two loaves of Oroweat bread.)  Coordinate delivery time directly with L&F.   Each lunch should contain the following items, placed in a ziploc gallon bag (vs brown bag):


  • 1 sandwich (can be PB&J, or ham and cheese, or turkey and cheese sandwich, which will need to be refrigerated if not delivered right away) in ziploc sandwich bag

  • 1 juice box/pouch

  • 1 bottled water

  • 2 wet wipes

  • 1 piece of fruit (apple, orange, or something that can last)

  • 2 snacks (i.e. granola or Clif bars, package of nuts)

  • 1 napkin

  • 1 kind note


DATES:  Sign-up by Wed., 4/29.  Coordinate with Angela Mazza at Loaves & Fishes to deliver any time by Tuesday, May 12th.

QUESTIONS:  Contact Elizabeth McDermott -  ecmcdermott2@gmail.com, 650-468-4344 (cell) with questions regarding suggested quantities, sizes, or delivery.

DELIVER TO: Loaves & Fishes Corporate Office 

ADDRESS:  1534 Berger Drive, San Jose, 95112

SIGN-UP:  Link to spreadsheet for Loaves & Fishes

CREDIT:   Time spent.  Please remember to record hours as “One-Time Event” in Volunteer Tracker.  In the Notes section, add “SIP Service Challenge - Sandwich Lunch Bags.”

Option 2:  Donate items and drop-off with one of the coordinating SLOBs families - Purchase and deliver lunch supplies to the coordinating SLOBs families who will assemble and deliver the lunch bags to L&F.  Based on the spreadsheet, please note the coordinating family (CF1 or CF2) and drop-off dates that correspond to the items you sign-up to donate.   The lunch bags will be delivered to L&F on two dates- 100 lunches will be delivered on Monday, 5/3 and 100 lunches will be delivered on Thursday, 5/7.  Families making sandwiches should plan to deliver to their CF1 on Sunday afternoon, 5/3, or to CF2 on Wednesday afternoon, 5/6  in order to maintain freshness for Monday delivery to L&F and Thursday delivery to L&F.  Other items should be delivered to the CF1 by Friday, 5/1 and to CF2 by Monday, 5/3.

DATES:  Sign-up by Wed., 4/29.  

Please note the two options:

Deliver non-perishable items by Fri., 5/1.  Deliver sandwiches on Sun., 5/3.

Deliver non-perishable items by Sun, 5/3.  Deliver sandwiches on Thurs, 5/6

QUESTIONS:  Contact Tripp Crissman or Ingrid Choong.  Contact info below.


CF 1:  Tripp Crissman - 650-384-1653.  Please place items in bin just off of driveway at 12161 Hilltop Drive, Los Altos Hills.  Text upon delivery.  

CF 2:  Ingrid Choong.  Please deliver items to 24645 Summerhill Ave, Los Altos.  Contact ichoong2@gmail.com for delivery questions, and if the food is non-perishable, please email ahead of time so Ingrid knows when to expect the food.  If you can help deliver the sandwiches to L&F on Thursday,  5/6, please contact ichoong2@gmail.com

SIGN-UP:  Link to spreadsheet for Loaves & Fishes

CREDIT:   Depending on activity - 1 hour for donated items, 2 hours for making sandwiches, time spent for assembling and delivery to L & F.  Please record hours as “One-Time Event” in Volunteer Tracker and in the Notes section, write“SIP Service Challenge - Sandwich Lunch Bags.”

REQUIREMENTS:  To protect the health of the lunch recipients, if you sign up to handle perishable food (fruit, sandwich) or write notes, please make sure to follow SCC Health Guidelines.  


Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water; Clean and disinfect prep area; Clean/wipe all items before placing in bag; Wear clean gloves and a mask when assembling; Be free of any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc.).  Thank you!


Community Services Agency (CSA) for the City of Mountain View and Mountain View Senior Center

GOAL = 100 non-perishable items per week

The need for food is growing rapidly!  Please help our local community.  We hope our members can meet our group’s challenge (and even exceed the challenge) to provide at least 100 non-perishable items weekly through the month of May to help our community.  Our organization will drop off these items directly to the Community Services Agency (CSA) in Mountain View for food distribution to our local community.  

EVENT:  Food Collection for non-perishable food.  Desired foods include canned vegetables, canned soup (non condensed with pop top), canned tuna or salmon, granola bars/energy bars, dry beans, pasta, and rice.  

INVITEES:   All boys and families

DATES: See information below:

1.  Food collection drop off by Sunday each week at 541 Torwood Lane, Los Altos

2. Sign up on the google doc link below to deliver food to CSA- The collected food items will need to be delivered to CSA on 204 Stierlin Rd, Mountain View between the hours of 9 am to 12 pm and 1:30 to 4 pm.

TIME:  Weekly.  Ongoing goal of 100 non-perishable items (or more!) per week, through May. 


LOCATION:  Please email Joywang888@yahoo.com with questions 

Food Drop off location-  541 Torwood Lane Los Altos 94022.  Please sign up to assist with food delivery!


SIGN UP: Please sign up at this  Google Link: Link to Google Signup 

CREDIT:  One hour credit for every four items.  Remember to record your hours in Volunteer Tracker and in the Notes section, please list “SIP Service Challenge - CSA Food Challenge”




HELP ONE CHILD: Help Local Families


Help One Child’s mission is to strengthen foster, adoptive, and at-risk families by providing them access to education, community, and tangible resources.  By addressing the unique needs of foster, adoptive and vulnerable families we strive to positively impact the long-term health and stability for family preservation.

EVENT:  Wish List for local families with children and teenagers


INVITEES: All boys and families

DATES:  Please purchase the items through the Amazon Link as the items will be shipped directly to Joy Wang who is coordinating the drive.  If you have questions, please email joywang888@yahoo.com. 


LOCATION:  Items purchased through the Amazon Link and ship the item to Joy Wang, 541 Torwood Lane Los Altos 94022

SIGN UP: Please sign up at the Google Link, then purchase the item through Amazon.


CREDIT:  One hour for items with base price < $15, 2 hours for items over $15.  Please record your hours under Help One Child and in the notes section, please write “Help One Child Drive.”

LIFEMOVES:  No Sew Fleece Blankets


Purchase Fleece Blanket Kits.  Order online (search No Sew Throw) or pick-up in person. Joann’s Fabrics offers curbside pick-up.   To make blankets, you will only need a pair of scissors.  

DELIVERY LOCATION:  LifeMoves Administrative Office

ADDRESS:   181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park

CONTACT:  Please arrange delivery with Donna Hope at dhope@lifemoves.org.  

LIFEMOVES:  Boredom Busters Art and Activity Supplies


Art and activity supplies for both Adults and Children in our shelters.  Ideas include coloring books with crayons, puzzles, and activity kits.

DELIVERY LOCATION:  LifeMoves Administrative Office

ADDRESS:   181 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park

CONTACT:  Please arrange delivery with Donna Hope at dhope@lifemoves.org.  


GreenTown Los Altos: Sewing Masks for Medical Professionals


If you’re handy with a sewing machine please consider helping our small group of volunteers sewing masks to confront the shortage our medical professionals are experiencing.


DATE: Ongoing

SIGN-UP:  Email kris@greentownlosaltos.org for details on how to participate.

CREDIT:  Time spent

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